Canvas Help

Your primary source for Canvas should be the Canvas Help Line at 1-844-600-4948. The help line can assist with most issues.

If you need assistance with Fullerton College courses appearing in Canvas:

  1. Wait 24 hours after registering for a class to appear in Canvas.
  2. Click Courses from the global menu and select All Courses. This will list all courses and tell you whether the course is published or not. Instructors must publish a course for students to have access.
  3. Double check your registration in Webstar to ensure you are registered and that your course is a Fullerton College course and not a Cypress College Course. There are two separate log in pages.
    1. Fullerton College Р
    2. Cypress College –¬†

If you need additional assistance after completing the above steps, please submit the form below.

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